German Urban Wave is a laboratory of artists and scientists that do re-search about and below the search for identity.
They are doing this by following the technique of the German Urban Surfer. They surf to the respective Other of the urban driftwood gain access to the space and time in which identification and the search take place: the space and time in between.

Between the German and the Other
Between the real and the digital
Between body and soul
Between nature and urbanity
Between yesterday and tomorrow
Between mother tongue and the foreign one
Between day and night
Between you and me.

Surf’s up.

In the beginning was an observation.
The German urban space is packed with surfers. Hunting for the waves of their lives. They are waves of culture: Waves of impressions, expressions and adventures.
The city is the surfers’ beach. It is the place where they are stranded, the place where they embark. To wait for wave after wave. To pounce on wave after wave.
But in the very moment they have reached the desired aspiration, the original goal dissolves or shifts. So the urban surfer oscillates between swimming poles. And the hunt for the next wave becomes the realization of the eternal search.

The observation washed up a hypothesis.
The search is not only the search for the new. To a greater degree it is the search for the Other.
The Other is an essential experience: Without the Other there is no identification. Without reflection there is no self-awareness. Without a Response, the Call “Who am I?” stays unanswered.
Thus the search proves to be a strategy of identity. And at the same time the search for identity is identity formation.

German Urban Wave is a lab of the urban search.
The artists and scientists of the lab re-search the search and perform identity formation, through opening up the channels for the respective Other of the urban driftwood and thus uncovering the scene in which the search takes place. This way they will contribute to the understanding of a global phenomenom through being the phenomenon.
While documenting and shaping the search, the laboratory will furnish itself bit by bit with instruments. As creative concepts the instruments will enable re-searchers to gain access to space and time in between.

Want to contribute the Search?