One Shots

In life you only have one shot. Life IS a one-shot. And that’s good.
A oneshot video can be used as an instrument that builds a bridge between material reality and virtual immaterialness. The very moments that are being captured in a oneshot retain their unique liveliness through imperfection. Oneshot videos are an counterstrike against digital overproduction. They are an ode to the real. And they are a marker of the identity between the real and the digital.

New Mission

Take Five of the Kalifornien Projectile: Pulled off. Pullover.

The song “Pulled Off. Pullover.” examines the identity of the German expression “abgezogen”. “Pulled Off. Pullover.” was recorded on November 26th 2013 in a live...

Take Four of The Kalifornien Projectile: Angel’s Greeting.

The song “Angel’s Greeting” examines the identity of the German word “Engelsgruß”, which we send to our beloved ones to stand by them in their darkest...

Take three of The Kalifornien Projectile: Light or a Being.

The song “Light or a Being” examines the identity of the German expression “Schein oder Sein”. “Light or a Being” was recorded on October 19th 2013 in a live...

Take Two of The Kalifornien Projectile: Finger Tips Feelings.

“Finger Tips Feelings” examines the identity of the German word Fingerspitzengefühl. “Finger Tips Feelings” was recorded on October 15th 2013 in a live session at Ocean...

Take ONE of The Kalifornien Projectile: Frontier Walker.

“Frontier Walker” was recorded on October 2nd during a live session at Playa de Tijuana – directly at the border to the United States. The border – or la frontera – is...

Take Zero of The Kalifornien Projectile: Let’s Go away.

Let’s Go Away is Take Zero of THE KALIFORNIEN PROJECTILE. The one-shot video heralds von Kiezing’s search for the Other at the Wall of the...

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